Hi! My name is Bernardino and welcome to my art blog!

I'm an art student from Sheridan who likes to draw. If you have suggestions and feedbacks, just leave me a message.

Enjoy! :D
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I need to get myself a Cintiq o.o

this pose made me feel lazy so here’s an occasional loose coloring lol

Buccaneer for sketch dailies

Some OC for today. toad mechanic/rocket

Hellboy for sketch dailies.. T’was too late when I realized that the big arm was on the wrong side.. derp

Asker jackdettmer Asks:
Hey! I'm starting at Sheridan in September and hopefully going to move up the chain and end up in animation some day, I'm super nervous! But I'm also a huge fan of your work and it inspires me quite a lot! Keep up the amazing work and maybe I'll meet ya soon! Peace
bernardmalijan bernardmalijan Said:

Thanks man I really appreciate that. I know that feel. As long as you keep drawing and not slack like I did, I’m sure you’ll be fine :D I wish you best of luck on your portfolio and hope you get in :D I’ll see you around in school

mystique for sketch dailies :D

I just got back from my part time job and went to check on my social medias (as usual) and boom! suddenly a huge spike on followers. You guys are really awesome and it really made my day :’) So I’d like to just thank my old followers for sticking around and also welcome to my new followers! :D

speed racer for sketch dailies. i need to learn how to paint cars properly :S

standies all day.. stay steezy my friends

Splinter for sketch dailies.. Reuploaded because missing whiskers and teeth.. I always notice those tiny details AFTER i upload.. sigh

Went camping for two days. Here are some drawings I did :D

My warrior character for DnD XD

Felt like doing some rendering :D Piece inspired by Sabzi