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Hi! My name is Bernard and welcome to my art blog!

I'm an art student from Sheridan who likes to draw. If you have suggestions and feedbacks, just leave me a message.

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Did some collaboration with two awesome artists: rubyspoon and artofmarcorivera . The topic was Gambling Space Knights haha more to come soon!

An illustration I made as a title page for class

It’s rubyspoon's birthday today! Hope you had a good one. Sorry I had to miss it. I hope I can make it up with this drawing haha

quick boxtrolls before going to bed

I should really be doing work

Asker nozume Asks:
Hello Bernardino, I'm currently in the Art Fundamental program at Sheridan, and was wondering if you had any advice about getting into the Animation program, such as.... the character design and how I should approach that. If you could reply, that would be great and I would really appreciate any feedback/ help you could supply.
bernardmalijan bernardmalijan Said:

Hi Shirley!

I hope you’re enjoying art fundamentals. I looked up your art and to me, it looks like you have the skills to get in so as long as you finish and you’re satisfied with your porftolio, I wouldn’t worry. I’m not very good at giving people advices but I’ll just tell you the things I did to get better.

I used to draw a lot of anime and realistic style so it took some time to shift to more of a cartoony style. So I started looking at artists online who had a cartoony style that i liked and observed how they draw. I studied how they do shapes and analyzed what I liked about their art. This way I have a visual memory of their art. So when it comes to the time that I have to do my own, I will implement some of those things that I learned.

I did a lot of caricatures of people. everyday people. Observing them. How they move, talk, etc.. Think of how you can portray their personality and character into your drawing.

Draw a lot. Draw every time you get the chance to. Be playful with your drawings. playful with your shapes. play with different proportions. Do different silhouettes for the same character and see how many you can come up with. Try to slowly move away from having the proportions of the body right all the time. And most of all, have fun.

Looking at art books also helped. Check out some of these books that I find were helpful when I was working on my character:

Creating Characters with Personality by Tom Bancroft

Action Cartooning, and Fantasy Cartooning by Ben Caldwell

Any of Stephen Silvers and David Colman’s books

One more thing, When you’re doing your character for portfolio, try to keep it simple. Only add designs that are necessary to your character.

I hope this helps. I tried to keep it short. I wish you luck on your portfolio and hope to see you in the studios next year!

First animation homework for digitools class. Toad just wanted a taste

ugly kid

Character rotation of my toad for character design class

I need to get myself a Cintiq o.o

this pose made me feel lazy so here’s an occasional loose coloring lol

Buccaneer for sketch dailies

Some OC for today. toad mechanic/rocket

Hellboy for sketch dailies.. T’was too late when I realized that the big arm was on the wrong side.. derp